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The Decolonization Club: "End Casualisation: Anxiety, Precarity, and Resistance"

by Casual UvA

End Casualisation: Anxiety, Precarity, and Resistance

by Lukas Ziel

I am still sitting with the blatant irony that on my first day of work at my job, sitting in the office where we – as new trainees – have been summoned to be introduced to the workings of the company, my colleague started humming the melody to 9 to 5 by the incomparable Dolly Parton. Naturally, I couldn’t resist, typed it in on YouTube and moments later all three of us were singing along to this anti-capitalist anthem, barely getting by, all taking and no giving. And while many of us have been working ourselves to the brink of death, professionally, scholastically, or otherwise, one of the most important days in working-class history has come around. May Day.

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