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Demonstration 2023


What's next: Action Meeting 28/04/23

Join the online meeting where we will discuss our next steps following the demonstration. MEETING INFO: Friday, April 28 @ 17, Zoom:

This meeting will be a crucial moment where we discuss and vote on our next action(s) together, so we hope to see as many of you there to get a wide range of perspectives from UvA lecturers. Please ask your colleagues to join. The meeting will be fully online.

About the demonstration

1 year since our marking strike, our colleagues are still being replaced. Casual UvA organized a demonstration to express our continuing frustrations on April 20, 2023. Around 150 lecturers and students attended to support the cause. The demonstration was covered in the press by outlets like AT5 and Parool.


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📢 JOIN US NEXT THURSDAY 📢#WeAreNotDisposable

1 year after our strike, UvA teachers on temporary contracts are still being replaced like disposable employees, despite the new teacher policy. 🧵 (1/4)

— @CasualUvA (@CasualUvA) April 14, 2023


Download the demonstration poster here