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Message to students!

by Casual UvA

Dear Student,

We hope this message finds you well and looking forward to the summer break.

We would like to share this ultimate update on our marking strike. Following the CvB's (Executive Board's) ratification of the new Lecturer Policy and in a spirit of partnership, we have agreed to suspend the marking strike. Block 5 grades will be released as planned following the standard turnaround times for final assessments and other graded work in consultation with course coordinators. We have requested that course coordinators communicate updates to you directly. All junior teachers of the striking departments are working hard to grade as quickly as possible to mitigate any further impacts on you. You can read more about our decision to suspend the strike online.

We acknowledge that our actions may have put you in an uncomfortable position waiting for your grades and we thank you for your support and solidarity. The goal of the strike was to improve our working conditions, meaning we could ultimately provide you with a better quality education. With precarious, temporary contracts, a lack of access to training opportunities, and overwhelming workloads, it's been the norm for many of us to invest our personal time into facilitating your education. As a result of our strike, we now have an HR policy that supports us better in our efforts to support you.

Though the new policy does not end casualisation, it represents a step closer to improving our circumstances, namely for those of us on temporary contracts. We will continue to monitor developments that may have an impact on you.

Casual UvA is here to stay as casualisation is an issue that impacts all of us. Follow us on social media for updates on our actions and ways to get involved. Do you have an interest in communication, journalism, outreach, strategy, or research? We are looking for proactive and enthusiastic student volunteers to support our cause. Get in touch with us at

Teachers and students united will never be divided!

In solidarity,

Your Teachers,

Casual UvA

Striking Departments: Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISW), Future Planet Studies, B├ęta Gamma, Human Geography, Communication Science

With Support From: Media Studies, PPLE, Psychology, Psychobiology, Artificial Intelligence, Information Sciences