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Message to students!

A message to our students about our the decision to suspend the marking strike.

Interview by ASVA Studentenvakbond with Alex of Casual UvA

ASVA on Instagram: "Today, on labour day, we consider the fight for better working conditions. How schools treat teachers also impacts students. Therefore we stand with Casual UvA in their fight for permanent contracts and better working conditions. Since there are a lot of questions from students, we asked one of the people behind Casual UvA, Alex, some questions!"

Message to our Students

A letter to the students of the striking departments: "Thank you for your solidarity and patience as we work towards an outcome for better education. We also understand that some of you may be frustrated by delayed grades, and apologise for the inconvenience this may cause."

YOUvATODAY: "Why are our tutors striking?"

YOUvATODAY: "On April 1st, whoever passed by the Maagdenhuis, would notice that approximately 100 people were gathered in front of the building to demonstrate our future as junior lecturers."